Project life cycle

JTM teams stay with the project from conception to completion. Our proven and repeatable system, provides our clients with consistent decision making, in depth project knowledge and accountability.

Project Management

Known for expert project management, exceptional client and subcontractor relationships and meticulous attention to detail, JTM Construction goes beyond the traditional contactor’s role. Through close collaboration we’ll help you make the best decisions–closely managing costs while maximizing efficiency–always delivering excellence beyond expectation.

+ Engaged Pre Construction

We know what works, thinking off the page through the conceptual phase of a project and providing real time and accurate pricing and budget options allows JTM to participate in the development of the project rather than react to the work of others. By providing options and solutions real time through the entire process, clients are benefited by our capacity and cost reductions strategies.

+ Accurate Budgeting

Being experienced in many project types and because we are builders,our estimates are accurate and comprehensive. We utilize historical data and currrent cost information to track commodity and industry trends.

+ Active Construction Management

The construction management teams are part of the entire project life cycle. When it comes to construction we are up to speed and ready to go. These rapid transitions from budgeting and pricing to production provide value to our clients from mobilization to completion.


Since its inception, JTM Construction, has been dedicated to building with a sense of environmental responsibility.

We are stewards of the environment and understand that LEED is about making smart design and building decisions with a team that is knowledgeable of the LEED philosophy. JTM is proud to be a member of the United States Green Building Council. Our company policy is for project managers and engineers to be LEED accredited within their first year of employment.


JTM is Safety

JTM’s focus is that our team members return home safely every night.

With safety a foremost priority, JTM Construction has developed a dynamic approach to safety with a comprehensive Safety Management Program. Our team works hard to ensure a safe workplace.  We’re proud of the fact that in the last 5 years our Lost-Time Incident Rate is 2.65% better than the industry average and EMR is 17% better than the norm.