Fana Four 106

584,000 sf Concrete Structure with two 27-story towers and garage/podium. The exterior cladding features window wall glazing, stone and metal panel elements.

Garage/Podium: This mixed use project includes 4 levels of below grade parking, and back of house support areas with a loading dock access of the shared alley. The podium consists of hotel lobbies, restaurants, meeting spaces and ballrooms. Featuring a roof top pool and pool bar, and various amenity spaces.

Hotel: The lower 12 floors of the North Tower includes 126 hotel rooms, with a mid tower open air amenity space. This 4 star + hotel will be themed in a “Wabi Sabi” style and will be a major draw to the FANA building complex.

Apartments: The balance of the North tower will be apartments on 15 floors with 88 units averaging 700 sf. The South tower is exclusively apartments over 27 floors, with 220 units averaging 650 sf.

Hotel Guestrooms


Luxury Apartment Units



32 Months

Project Team

Tom Goett

Troy Bloedel

John Hayduk

Martin O’Leary

Derek Deeter

Aaron O’Kelly

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Mixed Use